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SUBJECT Best E-bike ever.
WRITER Anton (ip:)
  • DATE 2019-09-11
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  • HIT 319
Hello everyone who is interested in Quali bikes. I have been a big fan of electric bikes for a long time have rode many different models including DIY 1000W mid drive Surly Long Haul Trucker. All the configurations of e-bikes have their cons and pros and all I can say about the Quali is - this is a best and optimal solution for bike-to-work situation. The reason why I find this bike (I own Q3 model) so good is that it looks sleek, is compact, has nice fat tires that feel (and ride!) very safe, and most importantly the bike is FOLDABLE! You can take it on the train and in your office (as a bonus, you can actually sit on it when folded in the train!). The only thing I’d like to warn you is that if you absolutely need to leave the bike on the street for a long time, you need to find a solution to protect the battery/seatpost from theft. It is easily removed so you might take it with you or lock it with an extra wire lock. Also, I very much recommend to purchase the fenders (mudguards) if you are going to bike to work. They weigh nothing and do not affect the folding/unfolding operations.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. I do not get paid from Quali for this review. In fact, I purchased a used bike and can’t be happier with it!
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